Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I was just thinking the other day - 'I think we need to find some hotels to stay at.' So - we agreed that we would do exactly this in Colorado Springs AND at least one night in L.A. right? Thoughts? Adam - what were the exact dates for these locations so we can look and check out prices? 17 days - oui oui!


At 2:12 PM, Blogger ~Krystle~ said...

Alright, I think we should get together and find some hotels and get our tickets to the theme park. You guys tell me when it suits you best! For myself tuesdays and wednesdays are out...let me know!

At 9:14 PM, Blogger ~Krystle~ said...

Heeeeeeey now how are Y'all doing?? *I'm getting my lingo prepared...*

Alright, so we MAY have our 4th person for our road trip!! Karissa Waldner folks...I REALLY hope she can come!!!!! She'll let us know within th next couple days but we do need to find out where exactly we'll be staying for night. So ad, you're only here on the weekends and codes has an exam monday so this weekend (and our only weekend left) in out for him. how about you and I make an outline, sunday perhaps? And present that to the rest of the group...unless the both of you want to come over sunday just for an hour or so and figure that out as one big loving family! You know my number, you know where I live, you know my blog site, we'll keep in touch.

As for food to start off with, I have that you know what kind of meat we're allowed across the boarder? And can I be driving when we cross the boarder?!? I've always wanted to do that!! :) Kudos? Yay or nay, yo or no?? Awesome. for music my computer is fixed so now thee itunes is up and running again, cody we can do that whenever next week. Your call.

The subs are not going to get the privelage of going down to cali, so there will be ample trunk space for luggage and blankets...lots and lots of blankets. I was preparing to pack ultra light...which I think I'm uncapable of, but we're good now. :) I can slightly accecorize. You know, bring some of the bling bling to sparkle and shine in claifornia...I have no idea what I'm saying.

Do we like pickles? Cheese? Crackers? Please say yes.

BRING SWIMMING WEAR!!!! The ocean will be frightfully cold, but in and out we must once go.

I think we should rent the fastest sports car ever made for like an hour. Or 2.

I am going to purchase a camcorder next week and already have the narrator lined up, PLEASE remind me to bring him because I'll almost certianly forget!

Uuuuuh....what else....just please bring blankets...I'm going to be crying if we're camping in weather that reaches the negatory sections of the thermometer and I'm not warm...seriously...I'm a suck when it comes to the cold!!! Maybe not actual physical crying...but inside the tears will be flowing. ...alright, it's late. Take care!

K-Zam Out


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