Monday, November 13, 2006


Ah hah! Using my ingenious skills I finally de-coded can now finally post!!! Ament I brilliant? So for those of you how haven't found out yet, this is going to be the most wick-awse road trip EVER!!! yeah you heard me, wick-awse. That's right. Anyways I had an awesome time sunday afternoon and I'm glad you boys got the chance to meet naomi!

Cody, question numero uno. Do you have a vehicle charger for your ipod and can it be hooked up and ran through the car speakers? Naomi has an ipod as well and we were thinking it would be better to bring those than a million CD's. Question numero duex. Do you have room on your ipod and would you be willing to/would like to/would agree to/would if you had to/ put some of my music on there?


At 10:36 PM, Blogger Cody said...

Answers are as follows: Yes, yes...yeah, uh-huh, yip, and affirmative. I'm such a cheese - I like the word wick-awse by the way. Cheers! You'll have to rip it onto my comp and then we'll put on the ipod from there. Alright! Adam, sorry for no call today - i hope you'll be my friend still.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger ~Krystle~ said...

oh yes...did I mention that my bro has itunes and all the songs are on there? all we need is your ipod, BUT, our computer is not fixed [the one that has itunes] and our other computers don't have it....YET. But I'll work on that, and by "I" I mean my brother. So really this will be much easier than expected. I'll let you know when our computers are all figured out and we [you because I don't know how] can put songs on your ipod! Sweetness...thank you so much!! It is much appreciated!!

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Adam said...

I think we can still be friends, Cody, but you should be lucky you don't believe in purgatory: I think the punishment for not making a phone call is at least an extra twenty years.

Heehee, no worries, I bet nobody would have been walking around in the Forks Marketplace after dark anyways (unless they were thugs, but thugs usually take money instead of give it) - but we'll still have to try sometime.


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